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Open Facebook post or notification in side Tab

Do you know that recently facebook added a new way of reading notifications or post activity? I am using this feature frequently now a days. When you are in the news feed and suddenly someone comment on your post and get a notification you may have noticed that sometimes a tab popup. But the problem is it doesn't appear every time. It is very helpful specially when you want get in touch with a specific post. This is how it looks.
Facebook has recently also updated their video player. They have added a floating feature to the existing video player with some minor changes. Here is an article that I've written recently.
FACEBOOK VIDEO PLAYER NEW FEATURE Now you can open any post in tab view like a message tab. To open a post in a side tab view click on the option arrow of the post. See the red circle on image below.
Then click on More options. New option will appear. Then click on Show in tab. See the yellow mark on the image given below. Now a new tab will appear on the right bot…

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